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Eagle Quest Therapists Trained In Family Behavior Therapy

Eagle Quest is proud to announce three of our therapists have become fully certified in using Family Behavior Therapy!

Family Behavior Therapy (FBT) is an evidenced-based treatment proven to help youth and families avoid alcohol and drug use, improve and stabilize moods, improve behavior, strengthen family functioning, increase school attendance, and

FBT includes many different interventions including treatment planning, behavioral goal setting, a level system, communication skills, self-control, environment control, job-getting skills training, and phone call check-ins.

Training for FBT includes a 3 day training, every 3 months, for 3 times. In addition, therapists have 1 ½ hour consultation calls each week. The training and work was worth it, we have seen our clients benefit and improve by using FBT.

Congratulations to: Hillary Mirabal, Roxanne Aronson, and Trent Hansen who are now FBT certified! And a special thank you to Suzanne Powell, LCPC, who trained us in providing FBT.

Hillary Mirabal is now training 4 more Eagle Quest therapists in FBT so they can be agency certified next summer. Eagle Quest and our clinical department is committed to our company mission – to deliver evidenced-based, quality behavioral healthcare to our clients. We are one of the few providers in Las Vegas to offer FBT which makes us truly unmatched.

For more information about Family Behavior Therapy and its effectiveness:


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