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It takes a strong person to look for help for a problem that has become too difficult to handle on their own. Eagle Quest is committed to help you solve your problems, develop your strengths, and help you feel better. We aim to show you that we care and provide you with a positive experience you won’t elsewhere.


The First Call

The first step is to call, email, or contact us through this website and ask us about how we can help.  Our intake team will listen to you and help answer your questions. If our services may help, we will ask you for your contact information, check your insurance, and schedule an appointment.


Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment

To help us understand your needs and how we can help, the first appointment will be a comprehensive mental health assessment. We will ask questions about many different aspects of your life to help us better understand you. Please arrive about 10 minutes early to your first appointment – we will give you our “Information and Consent Forms” for you to read and sign. Assessments typically last 1 hour.


Treatment Planning

After your initial assessment, your therapist will be able to provide you with some first impressions of what treatment may help.  You and your provider will set decide on treatment goals and services together and a written treatment plan will be created for you to review and sign.  Treatment planning may be done during your assessment and first your first therapy session.


Psychotherapy and Counseling Services

One size does not fit all. We are interested in what you need and providing effective treatment that works for you. That is why Eagle Quest clinicians have created evidenced-based Clinical Practice Guidelines that we use to help select the right treatments for you instead of the same treatment for all.


Individual Therapy:  Your therapist will meet with you one on one to discuss your concerns and provide psychotherapy and counseling. You’ll discuss specific topics, be asked questions, get education, and have activities for you to do between therapy sessions to help address your problems. We aim to help you feel better as soon as possible, but depending on the severity of the problem and work necessary to do, it may take several weeks or months to reach the outcome you want.


Family Therapy: Your therapist will meet with you and your family, or your child, you, and other appropriate family members. Your therapist will conduct discussions and activities to help open lines of communication, improve relationships, and help the family move towards solutions. If a therapist asks you to participate in a family session with your child, it is not because there is a problem with you. It’s actually the opposite, you are vital part of the solution.


Customer Service

We care about you. Your satisfaction matters. We will ask you about how you think treatment is going, if you find the treatment helpful, and if are other things you would like to be doing. Solutions are found when we work together and think creatively. Please be sure to speak up and voice any concerns, we will do everything we can to address them and make things right.


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