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Charlotte Gallegos

2950 N. Green Valley Pkwy. #2014

Henderson, NV. 89014



I graduated from California State University of Los Angeles in which I obtained my Bachelor's of Arts degree in Sociology (special emphasis in Law and Society), with a minor in Criminal Justice. Now that I have the availability, I plan on working in the social services sector. I am willing to work full time hours, but would like to negotiate hours if needed.

Recently, I worked with Montage Recovery as a client care specialist with women ages 18 and older. Working as a client care specialist, we specialized working with mental health as well as substance abuse and alcoholism. Not only did I work with mental health, but I also ran groups on anger management, co-dependency, self-esteem, daily living skills, and discovering triggers. Aside from running groups, I also assisted clinical team with documentation using Best Notes.

Prior to working with Montage Recovery, I was also given the opportunity to work with Cliffside Malibu. As a resident advisor, the job consists of: assessing clients who are detox protocol using COWS/CIWAS. Conducting intakes, contra band/property search, body search, and discharges. Distribute scheduled medication and PRNs on a daily basis. Monitor clients and document every thirty minutes using KIPU. Mentor clients in regards to substance abuse and alcoholism.

Not only have I worked at Cliffside Malibu, but I also have worked at The Discovery House. Working with The Discovery House I was able to work as a support staff and was promoted to shift lead. The duties of support staff and shift lead were: assisting substance abuse counselors with client care. Coached clients on the effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Provided transportation and supervision to medical clearance, 12-step meetings, panels, outings, or emergency services. Supervised sixty clients in detox and sober living. Conducted UA testing three times a week and entering in to computer system. Provided crisis intervention when necessary.

Prior to working with substance abuse and alcoholism, I worked part time with Dream Catcher’s Foundation, Inc. as a childcare worker. A child care workers duties include: supervising girl’s ages 8-17 with behavioral and social disabilities. Assist in taking the girls to their appointments, court hearings, and take the girls on their weekend activities. Monitors daily behaviors by points system. Assured the safety of each girl. Helps facility manager with cooking and basic house cleaning. Managed case files and provided supervision of visitations between parent and child. Acquired adult/child/infant CPR and first aid from American Red Cross. Obtained certification in therapeutic crisis intervention. Although, I did work part time, I prefer working full time because everyday is always a new learning experience.

Not only do I have experience in social service but I can utilize my current background with a diverse group. With that said, I have grown to appreciate every single aspect of sociology, law, and criminal justice, whether the knowledge was gained in the classroom or by working with the community. If given the opportunity, I would like to work for your agency and build on my passion and career, rather than just looking at this position as just a job. Feel free to contact me on my cellular phone or via email. Thank you for your time.


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Bachelors of Art @ California State University of Los Angeles
Sep 2012 — Dec 2014
Sociology special emphasis in Law in Society, minor in Criminal Justice
High School Diploma @ Jesse Bethel High
Sep 1998 — Jun 2002


Client Care Specialist @ Montage Recovery
Feb 2018 — Oct 2017
 Assisted clinical team with running group (evening reflections, anger management, co-dependency, communication, genogram, biofeedback).
 Conducted intake assessment, UA testing, breathalyzer, body search, valuables and contraband search upon client arrival.
 Helped create/update policies and procedures for facility.
 Supervised women ages 18-35 dealing with mental health as their primary issue, and secondary issue of substance use or alcoholism.
 Chaperoned client to AA meetings, outings, appointments.
Mental Health Technician @ Acadia Healthcare-Seven Hills Hospital
Feb 2018 — Current
 Monitors patients Q15 or Q5 depending on assessment done by nurse, doctor, and therapists.
 Assists with body search, contraband search, and orienting client to unit and other patients.
 Performs environmental rounds ensuring patients are abiding unit protocols and ensuring facility safety.
 Recently certified by the American Heart Association in BLS.
 Certified in CPI.
Behavioral Health Tech-CADC @ Morningside Recovery
Oct 2017 — Jan 2018
 Assisted admissions team with intake process using Sigmund EMR system.
 Educated residents in regards to substance use, alcoholism, and mental health.
 Conducted Q15 and Q30 ensuring the safety of all residents.
 Facilitated groups such as: stress management, cinema therapy, art therapy, positive self-esteem, and healthy living.
Resident Advisor @ Cliffside Malibu
May 2016 — Dec 2018
 Mentored clients on other coping skills, daily living skills, and the effects of alcohol and drugs.
 Conducted COWS/CIWAS assessment on detox clients.
 Supervised clients at NA, AA, and facility outings.
 Distributed controlled medication and PRNs with the use of KIPU.
 RADT-1 certified
Shift Lead/Support Staff @ The Discovery House
Sep 2015 — Apr 2016
 Assisted substance counselors with client care.
 Coached clients on the effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
 Conducted intake interviews and confers with treatment team and counselors to determine suitability for participation in the program.
 Provided transportation and supervision to medical clearance, 12-step meetings, panels, outings, or emergency services.
Youth Care Worker @ Optimist Child and Family Services
Jan 2015 — Feb 2015
 Certified in 20.5 hours of PRO-Act.
 Supervised girls ages 13-18 recently released from juvenile hall in residential group home setting.
 Worked collaboratively with probation, therapist(s), and school in regard to daily behavior.
 Acquired skills in providing counseling and being a caseload.
 Trained in proper documentation in psychotropic medication and over the counter medication distribution.
Intern/Volunteer-Case Manager @ California Mental Health Connections
Oct 2014 — Jan 2015
 Worked with victims of violence, victims of non-violence, and SED.
 Supervised children and provided art therapy.
 Helped therapists in domestic violence group therapy.
 Provided support to therapist in parenting classes.
 Acted as liaison to law enforcement, attorneys, court, etc.
Child Care Worker @ Dream Catcher Foundation, Inc.
Apr 2014 — Sep 2014
 Acquired Adult/Infant/Child CPR and First Aid.
 Trained in 27.5 hours of therapeutic crisis intervention.
 Supervised girl ages 8-18 in foster care system with behavioral and mental disabilities in level 12 group home.
 Assisted in cleaning, cooking, and driving children to appointments, outings, and visits.
 Maintained daily log of each child and made sure they adhere to policies, which agency utilizes level system to monitor daily behavior.
Intern-Supervised Visitation Monitor @ Lamoreaux Justice Center
Aug 2013 — Jul 2014
 Observed cases in domestic violence, custody, restraining orders, and divorce.
 Assisted families with intake and case management.
 Supervised visitations between children and non-custodial parent.
 Worked collaboratively with F. A. C. E. S., Inc (non-profit organization) that deals with supervised visitations and neutral exchanges mandated by the court for couples separated or divorced.
 Testified in court.

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