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Eagle Quest privacy policies are provided to the client and be signed as part of the “Client Information and Consent Forms” section “Notice of Privacy Practices”.
It is our policy to safeguard the protected health information (PHI) of our clients.

Eagle Quest’s Duties
· Eagle Quest is required by law to maintain the privacy of protected health information and is hereby notifying the individual that Eagle Quest has a legal duty to implement privacy practices with respect to protected health information.

· Eagle Quest is required to abide by the terms of the notice currently in effect; and Eagle Quest reserves the right to change the terms of its notice and to make the new notice provisions effective for all protected health information that it maintains.

· Eagle Quest operates in compliance with 45 C.F.R. parts 160, 162, and 164, to protect all client information and health records.

Uses & Disclosures
· Eagle Quest will use and disclose the individual’s protected health information in day-to-day operations such as:

o Treatmentplanning and provision whereby Eagle Quest will create treatment plans and gather information to provide effective treatment services. This information may be provided to other service providers, schools and social service agencies.

o Payment billing whereby Eagle Quest requests payment from third party insurers including Medical Assistance and from County or State payees.

o Health care operationswhereby Eagle Quest shares information internally to provide transcription, file maintenance and other necessary information handling functions. Eagle Quest may also disseminate private information with business associates who are directly involved in the essential functions of the organization such as County and State referral sources and contract psychiatric, psychological and social work practitioners who are under contract to Eagle Quest.

o Other than the exceptions above, all disclosures and use of protected health information will be made only with the individual’s written authorization and the individual may revoke such authorization in writing.

Special Uses or Disclosures
· Eagle Quest may contact the individual to provide appointment reminders or information about treatment alternatives or other health related benefits and services that may be of interest to the individual.

Individual Rights
· The individual has the right to request restrictions on certain uses and disclosures of protected health information and the individual is not required to agree to requested restrictions by Eagle Quest.

· The individual has the right to receive confidential communications of protected health information.

· The individual has the right to inspect and copy protected health information.

· The individual has the right to amend protected health information.

· The individual has the right to receive an accounting of disclosures of protected health information.

· The individual has the right to a paper copy of this privacy notice upon request.

Complaints or grievances
The individual may submit a complaint or grievance to Eagle Quest (as outlined below) An individual also has the right to submit a written complaint or grievance to the Secretary of State Health & Human Services if they believe their privacy rights have been violated.

The individual may submit a written complaint to the privacy officer of Eagle Quest. The individual will not be retaliated against for filing a complaint.

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Attention: Quality Assurance

Address: Eagle Quest 3680 N. Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV, 89130

Phone: (702) 646-KIDS (5437)

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